Pork n Beans for the Chiropractor’s Soul

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have at least seen a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book somewhere.

There’s a whole series of them co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, often along with others.

There’s “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul”, “Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul”, “Chicken Soup for the Cat and Dog Lover’s Soul”… all full of inspirational stories to encourage the reader.

There’s even a “Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul”, which is co-authored by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini.

Chicken Soup is nice… especially homemade… it’s warm, tasty, and great to slurp up when your immune system needs an extra boost.

But sometimes you need some ‘stick to your ribs’ kindof soul food…  like southern fried chicken, steaming seafood gumbo, or a big ol’ bowl of Pork n Beans!

You know, something that bypasses pleasantries and goes straight to the gut.

Mmm Mmm, tasty!

I’ve got some “Pork n Beans for the Chiropractor’s Soul” for you right here…

Ready?  Here it is…

“Comfortable Does Not Spell Success!”

BAM!!  Getcha some of that!!

I mean, really “Get It”.

If you let it, that one will go straight to your gut, if not grab you around the throat and shake you out of your day-to-day existence!

Write that one down, and post it somewhere you’ll see it and read it everyday.

In a recent blog post, I wrote, “Ultimately, it is YOU (and only you) that can take action and get yourself and your practice going in the right direction… even when it is “uncomfortable” to do so…”

I might edit that last part to more correctly say, “especially when it is uncomfortable to do so”.

Being “Comfortable” is the enemy to growth and achievement.  Kindof like what Jim Collins, author of Good To Great, has written… “Good, is the enemy of Great.”

Just good enough to be “comfortable”… can pay your bills, keep a fairly steady routine, lead a stereotypical middle-class existence… comfortable… but likely not even approaching your potential.  Just good “enough”.

Now here’s an interesting phenomenon…

Often times a doctor (and it makes no difference whether in practice for 40 years or a new grad struggling just to keep the office doors open) will not be “happy” with his practice.

He (or She) may have even reached a point of seeking help, knowing that the practice shouldn’t, or can’t, remain at it’s current levels of performance.

He may have access to a gameplan, THE gameplan, leading him up and out of current existence.  Yet…

He hesitates.

He worries.

He does battle with fears and “what ifs?”,

and he does… nothing.

On one hand, he knows something must change, but on the other… he is not yet “uncomfortable enough” in his present circumstances to make him just… leap.

Meaning, there is sometimes a strange comfortability that develops, that is real, with living an uncomfortable existence.  Because it’s at least “familiar” and “predictable”.

Yet still, he or she will often resort to blaming anything or anyone, except for the one who stares back in the mirror.

What motivates one to just “Move”?  What inspires someone to just say, “Damn the torpedoes!”, and get into action despite their fears or worries??

I’m not certain it was any single thing for me.  But I do know that when this realization hit me, that my desire to seek “comfort” was a major barrier to my own growth, it ignited a rocket-ride of great progress.  Both personally and in my practice.

So there’s some real soul food for you, doctor… Comfortable Does Not Spell Success!

Internalize it, and seek to live by it, and it will transform your practice and your future…  Taste and enjoy!

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